Hey everyboby it Maddy! (In Borat accent)

Good morning or god morgon!
(for you awesome swedish people!)

(and that could be wrong it just used google translate)

I was woken up by killer dachshunds this morning, well they are not really killer they just sound it! haha
Then fed my horse, Mr. Spyder and I had a hiccup attcak that went on for about half an hour which was really annoying.
Well...I'm not really sure what else to write about cuz it is still pretty early in the day...so...yeah...and I'm not really a great blogger either...this is actually my first one! yay!
But our plan today is to go to the BEACH!! cuz we finally have a clear sunny day instead fo rain!! Hip hip horay!!

Well I guess that is it for now so...
See ya later alligator!
They you say "In a while crocodile"
haha Americans and their strange sayings haha


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